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Critical and Creative Thinking Activities

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Activity One


In This e-tivity we will play some games to warm up our intelligence and analize which is your learning style!


1.  Play for a few minutes the following games:

 In this game you have to use your memory skills!  When you earn 50 points continue to the next activity.  Good luck! 


Another Memory skill game! Earn 80 points to continue to the last game! 

 In this game you will be asked to  organize the pipes by turning them! Earn 30 points to finish this  e-tivity!


2.  Answer the following questions and post them in the following Shout Box:

a. Which game was simple for you?

b.  Which game was more difficult?

c. Based on the answers above, your intelligence can be Visual (observation) for game one, Aural (audio) for game two, and/or Tactile for game three.  Say which is/are your  intelligence(s).


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Activity Two


In this game we will learn to analize a video by its creativity, 


Creativity is something that we can allways identify in an easy way! When we watch a video or a tool that we say we could have never imagine it, its when we know that it is creative! In the following videos you will find very creative ideas, think if you know why I belive they are creative or be creative in your answers!

1. Watch the following videos:


2.  Tell us why are this videos creative for you?  Can you share a creative video with us?


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Activity Three


 In this e-tivity we will identify why the following text is not true.


1. Read the following Bibliography.


Jorge Fernando Zea Alvarado

He was born on April 28th 1980. His father's name is Jorge Johnson and his mother's name is Martha Gondry.  He was born in Italy, Boyaca.  In this moment he is a fulltime teacher at two institutions: Colegio Colombo Hebreo in Bogota and Universidad del Valle in Tunja.  He is a fulltime musician and enjoys making videos.  He likes teaching English as a second language to native speakers from England. He became famous for inventing the baby translator one hundred years ago, when he analyzed the way new borns spoke Spanish and English.


2.  Tell us what is wrong with this text.  Please write one comment per student in the following Shout Box:


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