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Reading Activity 1


In this E-tivity we will identify which are the rhyming words in a poem. 


Before we read today's poem think about the following questions:


  • Do you like to go to the dentist?
  • What if a crocodile went to the dentist?

Let's read this poem by Shel Silverstein:

The Crocodile's Toothache

The Crocodile
Went to the dentist
And sat down in the chair,
And the dentist said, "Now tell me, sir,
Why does it hurt and where?"
And the Crocodile said, "I'll tell you the truth,
I have a terrible ache in my tooth,"
And he opened his jaws so wide, so wide,
The the dentist, he climbed right inside,
And the dentist laughed, "Oh isn't this fun?"
As he pulled the teeth out, one by one.
And the Crocodile cried, "You're hurting me so!
Please put down your pliers and let me go."
But the dentist laughed with a Ho Ho Ho,
And he said, "I still have twelve to go-
Oops, that's the wrong one, I confess,
But what's one crocodile's tooth more or less?"
Then suddenly, the jaws went SNAP,
And the dentist was gone, right off the map,
And where he went one could only guess...
To North or South or East or West...
He left no forwarding address.
But what's one dentist, more or less?

 -Shel Silverstein


Let's find the Rhyming words

Did you like this story?

Let's see if we can find the words that rhyme

Click on the following link to access a short rhyming exercise.

Rhyming Exercise (click here)



Let's read your opinions about this e-tivity!!

What did you learn?  Did you like the poem? What part did you like about the poem?




Here is a fun video about the poem we worked on.

Enjoy it!



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Reading Activity 2


In this E-tivity we will identify which are the key words in sentence.


 Let's look at the following book (click on it to make it bigger):




What is the relation between the poem and the words?  What would happen if the words that are related to the pictures were not written? (e.g. Oh, my, it's up to my___)

Let me know what you think in the following ShoutBox:



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Let's look at the following video about this Shel Silverstein poem:


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Reading Activity 3


In this E-tivity we will read different poems of Shel and we will share them in this website highlighting the key words in the poems.

 Welcome to this last E-tivity about Shel Silverstein poems!!

Using, we are going to identify the keywords in Shel Silverstein Poems.  

Follow these instructions:

  1.  Go to this website and chose a poem by Shel:
  2. After chosing the poem, copy the poem's URL adress, and paste it in
  3. Hilight the keywords and copy the URL adress they give you, following the example you see in the ShoutBox.