Mr. Z

Mr. Z“s Website

Activity One


With this task we will describe what Mr. Z is doing in the following video using the Present Continuous.


1. Take a look at the following video: 

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 2.  In the following Shout Box write ONE sentence (per student) about the video using the Present Continuous.  Try to use different sentences from the ones your classmates write.



Activity Two


In the following task we will test your ability to construct  the Present Continuous.

 Click on the following link to go to the exercise:



Activity Three


In this task you will create an animation, telling us what your family members are doing in this moment.


1.  Create an animation using Xtranormal.

2. Your Xtranormal character should talk about what your famility is doing between 4 and 5 pm.

3.  Once you create your Xtranormal animation upload the sharing link to the Shout Box placed under the sample video.

4.  Here is an example on what you are to do:


 5.  Paste the link of your animation in this Shout Box, following my example: