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Activity One


In this activity we are going to learn about the different ways that countries view music.


1.  Answer the questions while watching the videos:


Where do you think this music is from? 

How can you recognize this music is from a certain place? 


Now let's listen to some of the begginners of Jazz:



It was Mr. Dizzy Guillespie, the man who brought together Jazz into one big nation:cRvUyMpoQgA

  2. Tell us about your experience watching this videos, wich ones did you like best?  Why?  Tell us all about what you think about Jazz in the following Shout Box:


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Activity 2


In this activity you will familiarize with the metro transportation of  New York City.


Congratulations.  You have just won a (virtual) trip to the capital city of the world. 

1.  Look at the following video and select two places you wold like to visit in New York.XizxQvHg5hM


1. Look at the following map and choose two points to travel based on the video you watched.


2.  Click on the following link:

3. In the part that says trip planner write from where to where you want to go. e.g. From: Museum of natural history To: World trade center.

4.  In the following Shout Box write what Metro line you have to take.


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Activity 3


In this activity you will learn about the street culture happening in New York City.


1.  Watch the following videos about street performers in NYC:

Would you like to find these guys in your Metro trip? 


Try looking for this guys in front of museums!


If you walk through Central Park see if you can find this guys!f76nS0pvKrI

 You can find a guy like this in any corner, I am sure you'll find someone in NYCwhen you visit!TveAnuvLJ_Q

 2.  In the following Shout Box write of a performer you have seen in your city and try to find a videoabout that performer in YouTube.  Share it with us!



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