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Description of my Project

Topic:  Designing online video-making tasks to increase fourth graders’ motivation for autonomous learning behaviour
 Question: Will online video-making tasks increase fourth grader's motivation for autonomous learning behaviour?
Through previous interaction with my students, I have seen motivation for creating videos online.  Thanks to new technology provided by internet, there are websites that help learners create videos in an easy way.  One of the problems that I have notice while developing these tasks is that students lack of autonomous learning behaviour, which leads to a product that the students do not like.  Based on this reflection, I plan to increase my fourth grade students' motivation through online video-making tasks to adopt an autonomous learning behavior. 
This Project will be carried out in a private institution in Bogotá.   I will be working with 15 fourth grade students that have access to internet inside and outside the classroom.
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Objectives and Expected Results

Main Objective

To Increase 4th graders motivation for autonomous learning behavior by using online video-making tools.

Specific Objectives

To teach students how to create online videos.

To foster student’s autonomous learning behavior by applying motivational strategies.

Expected Results

I expect my students to increase motivation towards an autonomous learning behavior by doing online video-making tasks.

Literature Review

In the following link you can find the Literature review of this research project:

Literature Review 


Here are some of the resources I found useful while researching about my project:



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Data Collection

Click on the following Links to know what Data Collection Instruments I will be applying for my action research

Project Program

This  is a program for the activities that I will be applying for my AR project.

Autonomous Learning Survey

This is a survey to know where my students stand in an autonomous learning behavior. 

Fieldnotes Format

This is the format I will be filling after each class. 

Rubric for Online Video-Making Tasks

This is the rubric which I will be using to assess my student's video products. 

Reflection Blog

You can see the reflections of my Action Research Project in the Following link: