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Activity One


In this E-tivity we will learn about Baroque Music!


1.  Create a Mind Map answering the following questions:

What are the main instruments used in Baroque music?

What are 4 important composers of Baroque music?

When is the period (Time) of Baroque music and what are its Styles?

-  Use the following website to answer the questions:

-  Use the following website to create your Mind Map:

In order to use this tool just click under the part that says New users (Start Brainstorming), create your map, print the screen and dent it to my e-mail. 

Activity Two


In this E-tivity we will find some musical pieces of the  Baroque Period.


1.  Think of the previous composers that you learned about in E-tivity One.  Select ONE.

2.  Type the composer's name in  

3.  Share a link of Musical Piece of the composer in the following Shout Box,  Write The name of the Composer and the name of the piece.

4.  Let's try to build together a list of three different musical piece per Composer.




Activity Three


To review your knowledge about Boroque music.


 Play the following game!  Try to get to the top!  (Use a search engine if you need to).


 Click HERE toaccess the website of the game!