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Activity One


With this activity you will be able to say a tongue twister and share it with the class.


1. Go to this website and pick a tongue twister:

2.  Paste the tongue twister you picked in the following website:

3.  Listen to the pronunciation and practice it.  Ready?

4. Now is your time to share the way you say your tongue twister.

    Record your tongue twister in the following  website (step 2):

    You do not have to put your picture, but you will need a computer with a microphone.

 This is how your oddcast should look like:



5. Share the link of your OddCast in the following Shout box, write your name and then, the name of your tongue twister and the link.

Activity 2


With this activity you will be able to practice the spelling words of the week.


1.  Here are the spelling words for this week:

Found    Spoil    Power    Enjoy    Foil    Clown    Voyage    Cloudy    Count    Poison    Loyal    Allow    Choice    Shout

2.  In order to study this words you are required to write this words in the space they give you in the following website:

3.  In the part that says START HERE, type the spelling words of the week.  You will see that there is space only for 5, just add 10 more under the same box. Make sure you type them well, if you don't, the site will ask you to correct them.

4.  Click on TEACH ME. Then, click on the arrowas that are next to where it says CLICK HERE.  Listen to the words and their spelling.

5.  Under this exercise you will find a link called PLAY A GAME.  Play 3 games.

6.  Click on test me.  Then you can click on SAY to access the word, or Sentence to listen to the word in a sentence. When you are done, click on CHECK ME.

7. When you are done, you will find a chart that shows you the mistakes.  In the part that says report, click on CERTIFICATE, print it, and bring it to class.

Activity 3


In this activity you will find the understand the meaning of at least 5 words from Activity 2.


1.  Select at least 5 words from Activity 2 you found difficult, that you did not understand, and/or that you misspelled in the test of the previous activity.

2.  Go to any look the word in any of the following online dictionaries.

3.  Now go to Google Images and find the image that best relates to the word you are looking for.

4.  Create a PowerPoint presentation, where you type the word and put the image you chose.

5.  Send your presentation to my e-mail (